The Good PR Co. is Officially Open for Business

Some time ago, during my nearly ten-year career in public relations, a vision for a different way of PR began brewing in my brain. Over the past year or two, it became clear – no matter how many times I tried to dismiss it or give into the sensible choice, this vision was not going to quit.

So I made the commitment to go full throttle. After millions of to do lists, excel sheets, social event declines, drafts, planning, advice/ignoring practical advice and tucking away hard-earned dollars… I am both excited and terrified (what I believe to be the winning combo behind every great decision worth making) to announce that today is the day.

Today I am “launching” my vision. A vision of a different PR Company. A simplified one. A leaner one. An approachable and affordable one. A company that listens to people’s biggest challenges and biggest dreams. Then breaks down and executes only the most critical elements of PR each individual snowflake needs to succeed.

We will focus on female-led and female-centric businesses, because that’s the WHY behind this company, but ultimately, we will work as a partner and resource to people with smart grandiose ideas.

So if you know someone who’s the entrepreneur type, or you yourself are, or you simply would like to be a part of what we’re doing – I introduce you to the Good PR Co. A company that draws visibility to big ideas and the inspiring people who create them.

You can find out more at Follow us on all the things @goodPRco on InstaTwitterFacebook or LinkedIn. Or better yet, message me, email or call me and I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and have a heart to heart.

With that I’m going to go throw up a little bit, do a dance, sleep or pop some champagne or all of the above.

Cheers! Molly.