Good PR Co. Seeks STELLAR Intern

Good PR Co. is looking for one STELLAR individual to join the team for a not-so-average internship with lots of opportunities to work on meaningful and engaging projects. This passionate, savvy, go-getter (all pre-requisites) will play a vital role at Good PR Co., working with a ten-year PR industry veteran as their mentor. Job Title:…
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The Good PR Co. is Officially Open for Business

Some time ago, during my nearly ten-year career in public relations, a vision for a different way of PR began brewing in my brain. Over the past year or two, it became clear – no matter how many times I tried to dismiss it or give into the sensible choice, this vision was not going…
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Our Good Vision

At the Good PR Co. we want all future daughters to grow up in a world where they are never discouraged or have to question how far they can go in their careers or beyond. We believe one way to make this vision a reality is by elevating and drawing visibility to the smart and…
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Our Must Listen to Podcast and Favorite Episode

For any women out there that are struggling this week (or year) to fit into corporate culture at your workplace or if you are looking for a morale booster or just want a little more pep in your step – We highly recommend downloading Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work Podcast. Specifically, Episode 3, “Lead…
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Inspirational Quote

Bringing a little #Mondaymotivation to jump start your week… “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” I know the world is often encouraging us to do the responsible and practical thing. Amazing things happen when we follow our hearts and instincts and do…
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How raising a $2+M Seed Round Really, Actually Went

Beautiful and honest op-ed from kickass female leader Emily Best, CEO and Founder of Seed and Spark – a company aimed and bringing more diversity to the film industry. Whenever we see headlines around startups raising investment money we rarely hear about the realities along the journey. Raising money as a female founder can be…
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20 Leadership Quotes by Successful Women You Should Pay Attention To

Some Monday morning goodness from 20 female leaders to read alongside your coffee today. Read More